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Michigan Backcountry Search and Rescue (MiBSAR)
Search-&-rescue (SAR) gear
crime scene investigation (CSI) gear

Michael Neiger
Marquette, Michigan
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Page contents
     • Flagging tape
     • Waterproof, permanent marker
     • Measuring tape
     • Breeze-direction detector
     • Sign-cutting stick
     • Waterproof note paper
     • Waterproof, permanent pen
     • Pencil
     • Digital camera
     • Extra lithium batteries
     • 6-inch macro evidence ruler
     • Tamper-indicating evidence sealing tape
     • Biohazard evidence warning label
     • Legal-size paper
     • Legal-size envelopes
     • Lunch-size paper bags
     • Grocery-store-size paper bag
     • Small magnifying glass
     • Magnetic baseplate compass (see Land Nav Gear Page)
     • Global Positioning System (GPS) unit (see Land Nav Gear Page)
     • Latex gloves
     • Vendors



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Flagging tape

Photo-degradable flagging. (Image courtesy of Forestry Suppliers, Inc.)
One roll of brightly-colored, photo-degradable flagging tape that can easily be written on with an indelible marker or pen. Flagging tape is used to mark the location of evidence seized, designate search sector boundaries and corners, indicate points of departure, leave messages, etc.








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Waterproof, permanent marker

Sharpie ultra-fine-point permanent marker. (Image courtesy of Sharpie)
One Sharpie, ultra-fine-point, permanent, waterproof marker to mark initials, date, time, etc., on flagging tape, evidence, packaging, etc.




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Measuring tape

Metal tape measure. (Photo by Michael Neiger)
One high-quality, metal tape measure for measuring tracks when man-tracking, documenting evidence, and photographing large evidence specimens.






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Breeze-direction detector

Fine, constrasting sewing thread turned breeze detector. (Photo courtesy of Joann Fabric and Craft Stores)
A 24-inch-long piece of very fine, highly-visible thread makes a great breeze detector for backtracking the odor of decay.









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Sign-cutting stick

An field expedient sign-cutting stick improvised from a stick. (Photo courtesy by Michael Neiger)
A sign-cutting (or tracking) stick for predicting the location of the next track in difficult man-tracking situations. A walking stick can be employed as a tracking stick by marking desired interval (one footprint length and one stride length) with a wrap of duct tape or first-aid tape. A field-expedient tracking stick can also be created from a straight stick, notched at the appropriate interval with a pocket knife.




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Waterproof note paper

Rite-in-the-Rain paper. (Image courtesy of Forestry Suppliers, Inc.)
Several sheets of waterproof Rite-in-the-Rain paper for sketching and note-taking.








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Waterproof, permanent pen

Rite-in-the-Rain space pen. (Image courtesy of Forestry Suppliers, Inc.)
One Rite-in-the-Rain space pen for sketching and note-taking.








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The 0.5mm Paper Mate Clickster mechanical pencil. (Image courtesy of Paper Mate)
One 0.5 mm mechanical pencil for detailed sketches and drawings.




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Digital camera

The Nikon CoolPix L16. (Image courtesy of Nikon)
One digital camera with macro mode for documenting tracks, ground and aerial spoor, trace evidence, and evidence sites.








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Extra lithium batteries

The Energizer Ultimate Lithium battery. (Image courtesy of Energizer)
Extra lithium batteries for digital camera. Lithium batteries weigh the least, last the longest, and work the best in cold weather.





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6-inch evidence ruler

A 6-inch evidence scale. (Image courtesy of Sirchie Finger Print Laboratories)
One 6-inch-long, inch/mm ruler for macro photography of evidence specimens.




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Tamper-indicating evidence sealing tape

Lynn Peavey's Zipr-Weld Evidence Sealing Tape. (Image courtesy of Lynn Peavey Company)
With zippered edges and weld-like adhesive qualities, evidence tape makes tampering easy to spot. All evidence submitted to Michigan State Police Forensic Science Laboratories must be sealed with tamper-indicating evidence tape.





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Biohazard evidence warning label

A self-adhesive biohazard label. (Image courtesy of Lab Safety Supply)
To comply with OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogens Regulation as well as with Michigan Department of State Police Forensic Science Laboratory Policy, all biological evidence items must bear a biohazard warning label.





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Legal-size paper

Legal-size paper. (Image courtesy of OfficeMax)
12 sheets of legal-size (8.5 by 14) paper for fashioning folded, interlocking, trace-evidence-specimen packets.










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Legal-size envelopes

Legal-size envelope. (Image courtesy of OfficeMax)
6 legal-size (4.25" by 9.5") envelopes for packaging evidence specimens.






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Lunch-size brown paper bags

Lunch-size brown paper bag on left. (Image courtesy of Riverside Paper Company)

6 lunch-size brown paper (breathable) bags for packaging medium-sized evidence specimens.








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Grocery-size brown paper bag

Grocery-size brown paper bag on right. (Image courtesy of Riverside Paper Company)
1 grocery-store-size brown paper (breathable) bag for packaging large-sized evidence specimens.








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Magnifying glass

The Brunton 54LU compass comes with a built-in magnifier. (Image courtesy of Brunton)
1 small magnifying glass for examining evidence specimens. Most high-quality, full-size baseplate compasses have are equipped with a magnifying glass.






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Latex gloves

Latex gloves. (Image courtesy of Lynn Peavey Company)
Latex gloves for handling evidence specimens.







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Vendors of evidence-collection equipment

Ace Fingerprint Equipment Laboratories
Arrowhead Forensics
Ben Meadows
Crime Scene
Doje's Forensic Supplies
EVIDENT Crime Scene Products
Faurot Forensic Products
Forensics Source
Forestry Suppliers, Inc.
Lab Safety Supply
Lynn Peavey Company
Security & Safety Supply
Sirchie® Finger Print Laboratories
VWR International, LLC



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