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   Nature never overlooks a mistake,
   or makes the smallest allowance
   for ignorance.
   —Thomas H. Huxley, 1825-1895
   A Liberal Education, 1868


   Fear is the father of courage
   and the mother of safety.
   —Henry H. Tweedy, 1868-1953,


  Nothing is so much
   to be feared as fear.
—Henry D. Thoreau, 1817-1862
   Journal, 1851


   My life is like
   a stroll upon the beach,
   as near the ocean's edge
   as I can go.
—Henry D. Thoreau, 1817-1862
   My Life is like a . . . , 1849


   To drink in
   the spirit of a place
   you should be
   not only alone
   but not hurried.
   —George Santayana, 1863-1952
   The Letters of George Santayana


   He travels the fastest
   who travels alone.
   —Rudyard Kipling, 1865-1936
   Soldiers Three: The Winners, 1888


   The man who goes alone
   can start today,
   but he who travels with
   another must wait
   till that other is ready.
   —Henry D. Thoreau, 1817-1862
   Walden: Economy, 1854


   There is no denying
   that most of us,
   when we arrive
   at a place,
   immediately begin
   to think of other places
   to which
   we may go from it.
   —Robert Lynd, The Blue Lion


   Happiness is not
   a station you arrive at,
   but a manner of traveling.
   —Margaret L. Runbeck


   O to be self-balanced
   for contingencies,
   to confront night, storms,
   hunger, ridicule, accidents,
   rebuffs, as the trees
   and animals do.
   —Walt Whitman, 1819-1892
   Leaves of Grass, 1855


   A closed mouth
   gathers no feet.


   The laws of nature
   are the same everywhere.
   Whoever violates them
   anywhere must always
   pay the penalty.
   —Carl Schurz, 1829-1906


   Nature is not governed
   except by obeying her.
   —Francis Bacon, 1561-1626
   De Augmentis Scientiarum


   Nature's rules
   have no exceptions.
   —Herbert Spencer, 1820-1903
   Social Statistics, 1851


   Nature pardons
   no mistakes.
   Her yea is yea,
   and her nay, nay.
   —Ralph W. Emerson, 1803-1882
   Nature, Addresses, &
   Lectures: Discipline


   For Nature is one
   with rapine, a harm
   no preacher can heal;
   the mayfly is torn
   by the swallow,
   the sparrow spear'd
   by the shrike,
   and the whole
   little wood where I sit
   is a world of
   plunder and prey.
   —Alfred Tennyson, 1809-1892
   Maud, 1855


Sails ripp'd,
   seams op'ning wide,
   and compass lost
   —William Cowper, 1731-1800
   On Rcpt of My Mother's Picture


   Though pleased to see
   the dolphins play,
   I mind my compass and my way.
   —Matthew Green, 1696-1737
   The Spleen


   Skill'd in the globe and sphere,
he gravely stands and,
   with his compass,
   measures seas and lands.
   —John Dryden, 1631-1700
   Sixth Satire of Juvenal





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I don't know what
your destiny will be,
but one thing I do know:
the only ones among you
who will be really happy
are those who have sought
and found how to serve.
—Albert Schweitzer, 1875-1965
French theologian, medical missionary,
philosopher, musician,
and Nobel Peace Prize winner

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Chimo!** Welcome to the Web portal of Michael Neiger's Michigan Backcountry Search and Rescue (MibSAR), a small, largely non-motorized, Long-Range Special Operations Group (LRSOG) organized as a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Michigan Department of State Police (MSP).

On this page...
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  • Partners

**Chimo is an ancient Inuit—or Eskimoan—term used
to convey the warmest of greetings and salutations. It's
often accompanied by a friendly hand gesture; namely,
a circular movement of the left hand over one's heart.



People who say it cannot be done,
...should not interrupt those who are doing it.


Michael Neiger
Lead Investigator
Marquette, Michigan
Bio :: Contact

Founded and run by Michael Neiger, an independent investigator in Marquette, Michigan, MibSAR's Long-Range Special Operations Group (LRSOG) is dedicated to working select unsolved missing-person cases and felony cold cases in the remote bush between the Great Lakes in northern Michigan, USA, and the Arctic Ocean’s Lower Hudson Bay in Ontario, Canada. 

Important Notice: While Michael Neiger's special operations group (SOG) collaborates with law enforcement agencies, search-and-rescue teams, task forces, and strike teams regarding on-going investigations and operations, his special operations group (SOG) is not a traditional, paid, professional, "first-response," search-and-rescue unit.

Because the search must continue,
...so loved ones aren't left behind.
—MibSAR's credo

His SOG is one of 'last resort' that specializes in working on select missing-person and felony investigations, primarily ones that have been suspended by the agency of jurisdiction.

An incident requiring an emergency search and rescue (SAR) response should be immediately referred to the agency with jurisdiction over the area where the incident occurred—often a sheriffs department in Michigan; or the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) in Ontario, Canada—by calling 911 immediately.

On certain, select cases, Michael Neiger also designs, maintains, and hosts investigative Web sites; designs, prints, and distributes investigative posters; underwrites monetary rewards; and arranges for anonymous, toll-free tip lines and online tip-reporting programs through Crime Stoppers.

All of Michael Neiger's SOG investigations, searches, services, CSI operations, work products, and consults are provided absolutely free of charge to victims, their families and advocates, and police departments.

Those who can,
Those who can do more,





Volunteering with Michael Neiger

Notice: Michael Neiger is not currently recruiting volunteer searchers.

Michael Neiger occasionally seeks a very-fit, non-smoking volunteer or two to work with him during his special operations group (SOG) investigations and field operations.

Because he sometimes works the bush fully equipped and provisioned for long-range operations—at times without support or resupply for up to 10 days—his SOG is considered a heavy one by conventional SAR standards.

Since many of his cases are sensitive, criminal investigations, some involving working hand-in-hand with local-, county-, and state-level law enforcement agencies, or perhaps federal-level ones such as the FBI, ATF, and DHS, volunteers must be discrete and have spotless criminal histories.

Michael Neiger is a certified SAR TECH II by the National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR)

To volunteer, candidates must be hard-core, dyed-in-the-wool bushmen and bushwomen, ones who thrive in remote, inhospitable wilderness.

They must be at their best with map-and-compass in-hand, living out of a rucksack, panier, sledge, or canoe for days—sometimes up to a week or two—at a time.

They must be survivalists by nature, foul-weather-ready, and fully-equipped for off-trail travel, whether in the stifling heat and humidity of a never-ending swamp in the middle of summer, or the minus 40 degree below Fahrenheit standing temperatures (not windchill) of a wind-swept ice sheet on the Arctic Ocean's Lower Hudson Bay.

They must be very experienced, with lots of time trekking and bivouacking off trail though challenging bush under a wide range of wilderness conditions.

To learn more about volunteering with Michael Neiger, click here.

The best way to do good to ourselves,
...is to do it to others;
the right way to gather,
Is to scatter.
—Lucius Annaeus Seneca
a.k.a. Seneca the Younger, 4 B.C. - 65 A.D.
Roman statesman, philosopher, and writer


Michael Neiger is a member in good standing of the following professional organizations:

  • National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR)
  • International Society of Professional Trackers (ISPT)
  • International Association of Cold Case Investigators (IACCI)
  • International Crime Scene Investigation Association (ICSIA)
  • International Homicide Investigators Association (IHIA).

Do all the good you can,
By all the means you can,
In all the ways you can,
In all the places you can,
At all the times you can,
To all the people you can,
As long as ever you can.
—John Wesley, 1703-1791
Christian theologian and founder of Methodism
John Wesley's Rule


MibSAR was founded by Michael Neiger in 2008, shortly after an article—headlined "Search for missing man suspended"—appeared in the July 19, 2008 issue of the Mining Journal (Marquette, Michigan).

July 19, 2008
issue of the
Mining Journal (Marquette,

Buried deep inside the Upper Peninsula's largest daily paper, the short, 5 paragraph news briefing immediately caught Michael's attention.

Perhaps it was because he'd backpacked through this area just a few weeks prior...

Maybe it was the plight of the family...

The Mining Journal reported the man—Joe Clewley—had gone missing "in a remote area of Whitefish Township," apparently along a section of the North Country Trail (NCT) located in Tahquamenon Falls State Park, just south of Paradise, Michigan.

As a recently-retired Det./Sgt. with the Michigan State Police; decades-long, off-trail Canadian wilderness guide; solo expeditioner; and a member of the North Country Trail Association (NCTA), he wondered if he could be of any assistance to the Sheriff's Office and the Clewley Family.

Figuring the Chippewa County Sheriff's Office SAR resources must be stretched to the limit, and the Clewley Family must be going through a living hell, he contacted the Undersheriff of Chippewa County with an offer of assistance.

After learning both the Sheriff's Office and the Clewley Family would "most certainly welcome your assistance," Michael packed his rucksack with foul-weather gear and 5 days worth of rations; called his partner Chris Ozminski to alert him to the SAR mission at hand; and began what would be a years-long SAR effort in the remote, eastern reaches of Tahquamenon Falls State Park.

Thank you again for all your efforts. I don't know what good deed gave us the blessing of having you [Michael Neiger] in our lives at this particular moment in time; but I'm forever grateful that we have had your unwavering support, expertise and commitment towards Dad's search.
    As you can imagine, being in Alabama has distanced me from the search efforts...Your communications are a lifeline for all of us. Thank you again Michael; at the end of this journey I hope we can somehow return this gift to you.
    God bless.
—Jamie (Clewley) Anderson, Opelika, Alabama, daughter of Joe Clewley, Sr., September 2, 2008

Thank you for [your] continued diligence in the quest to find my Dad. It makes it easier to continue to push through to the next available time for searching when I know that you guys are out there covering the most likely places that he could be. My family can not begin to thank you enough, we are blessed to have such good people as you [Michael Neiger] & Chris [Ozminski] helping to locate him.
    Very grateful.
—Teresa Clewley, daughter of Joe Clewley, Sr., October 2, 2008

I would like to add my continued thanks to Mike [Neiger] and Chris [Ozminski] for the undying efforts that you have displayed. Thank you for the website and the searches, it has been a comfort when we aren't able to be there. I hope that we are able to locate my father soon to put this tragedy to rest. I also would like to thank everyone who has responded to the thread [blog], I don't feel so alone with your responses.
    Thank you everyone.
—Tkdjunkie (Russ Clewley), son of Joe Clewley, Sr., Backpacker.Com Midwest Forum, October 3, 2008

While Joe's whereabouts—as well as the circumstances surrounding his disappearance—remain a mystery to this day, MibSAR has been able to make substantial progress in the investigation after years of hard work in the bush:

Hey Mike [Neiger]...I just wanted to say thank you for the clue. It was getting very frustrating to search without any sign of my dad. After approximately fifty days of searching, you somewhat broke the case with your discovery....
    Anyway, thanks again for the help and the reassurance that there is still hope, through any little clue, that we might find my dad.
—Joe Clewley, Jr., Lansing, Michigan, son of Joe Clewley, Sr., September 6, 2008

Special thanks must go out to Mike Neiger and Chris Ozminski. They have dedicated most of their summer searching diligently in the search area.
A personal thanks to them is needed as their searching came up with some very pertinent/hard-to-find evidence that has led this investigation in a certain direction.
    Mr. Neiger is a survivalist with an extensive Law Enforcement background. His knowledge in the preservation of evidence and crime lab expertise has been a great help in the field.
—Det./Sgt. Mike Bitnar, lead investigator, Chippewa County Sheriff's Office, October 23, 2008

View/print poster

Since the Joseph Clewley investigation is currently an open and active police investigation, the Sheriff's Office has requested that no additional information be released about the case at this time.

MibSAR continues to search for any sign of Joe in the hope that one day, hopefully soon, they may be able to reunite this beloved man with his bereaved family.

Thank you again for the time Chris [Ozminski] and you [Michael Neiger] have dedicated to finding my dad and helping my family....I know that my family and I look at you guys as more than dedicated searchers....[you're] friends.
—Joe Clewley, Jr., Lansing, Michigan, son of Joe Clewley, Sr., December 2, 2008

To learn more about this baffling, protracted case, visit Joe's missing-person Web site, which is maintained courtesy of MibSAR.

We make a living by what we get,
...but we make a life by what we give.
—Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, 1874-1965
British Prime Minister, statesman, orator, and author


As part of his community outreach program, Michael Neige does archaeological- and historic-site mapping, and artifact-scatter documentation, for governmental units, including Michigan's Office of the State Archaeologist.

He also also periodically brushes out and removes deadfalls, debris, and other hazards from the Noquemanon Trail Network's South Trail singletracks in Marquette, Michigan.

Through his Extreme Maps for Extreme Races initiative, Michael Neiger provides 1:24,000-scale racecourse cartography—course maps and elevation profiles—for race directors coordinating long-distance, muscle-powered, endurance events in the Midwest.

If you want happiness for an hour,
...take a nap.
If you want happiness for a day,
...go fishing.
If you want happiness for a year,
...inherit a fortune.
If you want happiness for a lifetime,
...help someone else.
—Ancient Chinese proverb







Michael Neiger would like to thank his many generous, civic-minded partners for supporting his efforts at reuniting the missing with their loved ones.

Thank You!

When you cease to make a contribution,
...you begin to die.
—Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, 1884-1962
Civil rights advocate, author, speaker, politician, and activist
Wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt


U.S. Bureau of Alcohol,
Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF)


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Americas Best Value Inn
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The Joseph R. Clewley Family
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(Polymer clay pacing beads)
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Search & Rescue
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Forensic Odontologist
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Maple Lane Bloodhounds
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Teresa Schwalbach, PEM,
Emergency Mgmt Program Coordinator
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Randolph E. Smith, M.D.
Medical examiner
Forensic pathologist
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Norman Sauer, Ph.D.
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In God's wilderness
lies the hope of the world,
the great, fresh, unblighted,
unredeemed wilderness.
 — John Muir, 1838-1914
Alaska Wilderness, 1890

If you've been able to read this Web page...
thank a Teacher;
If you've been able to read this Web page in English...
thank a Veteran.
—Author unknown

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William Schnarr


Some people
dream of worthy accomplishments,
stay awake and do them.

Bear-den recon 101
by Team MibSAR...

Click here or on image to view a video of MibSAR's Chris Ozminski reconing a bear den on a 5-day, Sept 24-28, 2008 SAR Operation in support of the Joe Clewley Investigation. (Video by Chris Ozminski)

More bear den recon videos: 1, 2

We take risks
not to escape Life,
   ...but to prevent
Life from escaping us.

The 1944 wreckage of a U.S. Army B-17 Flying Fortress found on a July 2008 SAR training operation in the Porcupine Mountains by Dennis Waite
and Michael Neiger.

   Nature's laws affirm
   instead of prohibiting.
   If you violate her laws
   you are your own
   prosecuting attorney,
   judge, jury, and hangman.
   —Luther Burbank, 1849-1926


   I follow nature
   as the surest guide,
   and resign myself,
   with implicit obedience,
   to her sacred ordinances.
   —Marcus T. Cicero, 106-43 B.C.


   All paths lead nowhere,
   so it is important
   to choose a path
   that has heart.
   —Carlos Castaneda


   Improvements make
   straight roads;
   but the crooked roads
   without improvement
   are the roads of genius.
   —William Blake


   We shall not
   cease from exploration
   And the end
   of all our exploring
   Will be to arrive
   where we started
   And know the place
   for the first time.
   —Thomas. S. Elliot, 1888-1965
   Four Quartets: Little Gidding, 1942


   The clearest way
   into the Universe is
   through a forest wilderness.
   —John Muir, 1838-1914
   John of the Mountains, 1938


   There is a great deal of
   unmapped country within us.
   —George Eliot, 1819-1880
   Daniel Deronda


   Look at this vigorous plant
   that lifts its head from
   the meadow, see how its leaves
   are turned to the north,
   as true as the magnet;
   this is the compass-flower,
   that the finger of god
   has planted here
   in the houseless wild,
   to direct the traveler's journey.
   —Henry W. Longfellow, 1807-1882
   Evangeline, 1847


   I shall be telling this with a sigh—
   somewhere ages and ages
   hence; two roads diverged
   in a wood, and I—I took
   the one less traveled by, and
   that has made all the difference.
   —Robert Frost, 1874-1963
   The Road Not Taken, 1916, stanza 4


   I think there is a fatality in it—
   I seldom go to the place
   I set out for.
   —Laurence Sterne, 1713-1768


As light and the day
are free to all men,
so nature has left all lands
open to brave men.
   —Caius Tacitus, Circa AD 55-117


   Books are the compasses
   and telescopes and sextants
   and charts which other men
   have prepared to help us
   navigate the dangerous
   seas of human life.
   —Jesse Lee Bennett,  1885-1931
   Books as Guides