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About Track Laying: Guidelines for Dog Tracking Enthusiasts, by Betty A Mueller (Howln Moon Press, 2001)


About Tracking Dog Training: Creating a Problem Solving Partnership, by Betty A. Mueller (Howln Moon Press, 2008)








Avalanche! Hasty Search: The Care and Training of Avalanche Search and Rescue Dogs, by Patti Burnett (Doral Pub., 2003)








Avalanche Search and Rescue Training for Dogmasters and Police Service Dogs: Course Training Standard (1982)


Basic Tracking Handbook, by Pete Sigona (Vocational Office Administrative Systems, Stilwell Technical Center, 1994)


The Bloodhound Handbook, by Douglas Appleton (Love & Malcomson Ltd., 1960)


Building a Basic Foundation for Search and Rescue Dog Training, by J. Christy Judah (Lulu Publishing, 2007)








Cadaver Dog Handbook: Forensic Training and Tactics for the Recovery of Human Remains, by Andrew J Rebmann, Edward David, Marcella H Sorg, and Marcia Koenig (CRC Press, 2000)








Canine SARTECH Certification Standards (National Association for Search and Rescue, 1999)


Canine SARTECH II: Student Manual (National Association for Search and Rescue, 2002)


Compendium of Search and Rescue Dog Training Standards and Evaluations, by Vikki Bowman (National Association for Search and Rescue, 1988)


The Complete Bloodhound, by Catherine Brey and Lena Reed (Howell Book House, 1978)


Component Training for Variable Surface Tracking, rev. ed., by Ed Presnall and Christy Bergeon (PawMark Press, 1998)


Dog Detectives: How to Train Your Dog to Find Lost Pets, by Kat Albrecht (Dogwise Pub., 2008)








Enthusiastic Tracking: The Step-by-Step Tracking Handbook, by William Sanders (Rime Publications, 1998)








Following Ghosts: Developing the Tracking Relationship, by John Rice and Suzanne Clothier (Flying Dog Press, 1996)


Fun Nosework for Dogs: Teach Your Dog to Enjoy Using His Nose!, 2nd ed., by Roy Hunter (Howln Moon Press, 2003)









Guide to Search and Rescue Dogs, by Angela Eaton Snovak (Barron's, 2004)








It Only Takes a Scent: A Guide for Training Your Family Dog to Man-Trail, by Brenna Spencer and James Peidle (Baskerville's Hound Press, 1993)









K9 Officer's Manual, by Robert Eden (Detselig Enterprises Ltd, 1993)








K9 Professional Tracking: A Complete Manual for Theory and Training, by Resi Gerritsen and Ruud Haak (Detselig Enterprises, 2001)









K9 Scent Detection: My Favorite Judge Lives In a Kennel, by Jan Kaldenbach (Detselig Enterprises, 1998)







K9 Search and Rescue: A New Training Method, by Resi Gerritsen and Ruud Haak (Detselig Enterprises, 1999)








The Koehler Method of Training Tracking Dogs, by William R. Koehler (Howell Book House, 1984)








Man-Trackers & Dog Handlers in Search & Rescue: Basic Guidelines and Information, by Gregory Fuller, Ed Johnson, and Robert J Koester (DbS Productions, 2000)








Mastering Variable Surface Tracking: The Component Training Approach, by Ed Presnall (Dogwise Pub., 2004)








Mutual Aid Guidelines: Search and Canine Rescue (California Office of Emergency Services, Law Enforcement Branch, 2003)


National Search and Rescue Dog Directory (National Association for Search and Rescue, 1991)


On the Trail!: A Practical Guide to the Working Bloodhound and Other Search and Rescue Dogs, by Jan Tweedie (Alpine Publications, 1997)







Police Dog Tactics, by Sandy Bryson (McGraw Hill, 1996)


The Police Textbook For Dog Handlers, by Bill Tolhurst (Sharp Printing, 1991)


Practical Scent Dog Training, by Lue Button (Alpine Publications, 1990)









The Puppy Tracking Primer: A Simple Plan for Training Very Young Puppies, by Carolyn Krause (FireDog Enterprises, 1992)


Purebred Rescue Dog Adoption: Rewards and Realities, by Liz Palika (Howell Book House, 2004)








Ready!: A Step-by-Step Guide for Training the Search and Rescue Dog, by Susan Bulanda (Doral Pub., 1994)


Ready to Serve, Ready to Save: Strategies of Real-Life Search and Rescue Missions, by Susan Bulanda (Doral Pub., 1999)








Rescue International's Wilderness Canine Search & Rescue Pocket Training Manual, by Bruce Barton and Lorrie Clemmo (ICS Productions Div., Keystone Services Corp., 1996)


SAR Dog Unit Guidelines (National Association for Search and Rescue, 1999)


Scent, by Milo Pearsall and Hugo Verbruggen (Alpine Publications, 1982)


Scent and the Scenting Dog, by William G. Syrotuck (Barkleigh Productions, 2000)








Search Dog Training, by Sandy Bryson (Boxwood Press, 1984)


Search and Rescue, by Samantha Glen and Mary B Pesaresi (Fawcett Crest, 1997)


Search and Rescue Dog Training, by Sandy Bryson (Boxwood Press, 1976)


Search and Rescue Dogs: Training Methods, by the American Rescue Dog Association (Howell Book House, 1991)








Search and Rescue Dogs: Training the K-9 Hero, 2nd ed., by the American Rescue Dog Association (Howell Book House, 2002)









The Silent Tracker: A Manual for Training and Using Tracking Dogs in Resource Protection and Search/Rescue, by G. M. Davis (Nova Scotia Dept. of Lands and Forests, 1975)


Taking the Next Step Dog Tracking Workbook, by Mary Thompson (Howln Moon Press, 2008)








Top Working Dogs: A Training Manual--Tracking, Obedience, Protection, by Dietmar Schellenberg (I D I Publications, 1994)








Tracking for Search and Rescue Dogs: A Practical Manual for Novice and Advanced Handlers, by Boguslaw P. Gorny (Detselig Enterprises, 2003)








Try tracking!: The Puppy Tracking Primer, by Carolyn A Krause (Dogwise Pub., 2005)








Tracking: A Guide for Beginners (Tracking Club of Massachusetts, 1986)


Tracking Dog: Theory & Method, 5th ed., rev., by Glen R Johnson (Barkleigh Productions, 2003)








Tracking From the Ground Up, revised ed., by Sandy Ganz and Susan Boyd (Show-Me Publications,1992)


Training the Disaster Search Dog, by Shirley M I Hammond (Dogwise Pub., 2006)










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