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Cold Case Homicides: Practical Investigative Techniques, by Richard H. Walton










Computer Forensics: Evidence Collection & Management, by Robert C. Newman










Computer Forensics: Incident Response Essentials, by Warren G. Kruse, II, and Jay G. Heiser









Color Atlas of Forensic Pathology, by Jay Dix










Crime Reconstruction, by W. Jerry Chisum and Brent E. Turvey









Crime Scene and Evidence Photographer's Guide, by Steven Staggs











Crime Scene Evidence: A Guide to the Recovery and Collection of Physical Evidence, by Mike Boyd










Crime Scene Investigation, by Jackie Fish, Larry S. Miller, and Michael C. Braswell










Crime Scene Photography, by Edward M. Robinson











Crime Scene Processing Laboratory Manual and Workbook, by Patrick Jones and Ralph E. Williams









Criminal Evidence, by Jefferson I. Ingram










Criminal Investigation, 7th edition, by James N. Gilbert










Criminal Investigation for the Professional Investigator, by Warren J. Sonne (CRC Press)










Cyber Forensics: A Field Manual for Collecting, Examining, and Preserving Evidence of Computer Crimes, 2nd edition, by Albert J. Marcella, Jr. and Doug Menendez










Dead Reckoning: The Art of Forensic Detection, by Jon J. Nordby











Death Investigator's Handbook, revised, by Louis N. Eliopulos










Death Scene Investigation Check List, by Dick Warrington









Digital Evidence and Computer Crimes: Forensic Science, Computers, and the Internet, 2nd edition, by Eoghan Casey









Entomology and Death--A Procedural Manual, by E. Paul Catts and Neal Haskell









First Unit Responder: A Guide to Physical Evidence Collection for Patrol Officers, by Mark R. Hawthorne











Footwear Impression Evidence Detection, Recovery, and Examination, by William J. Bodziak











Forensic Computer Crime Investigation, edited by Thomas A. Johnson











Forensic Digital Imaging and Photography, by Herbert L. Blitzer and Jack Jacobia









Forensic Pathology, 2nd edition, by Dominick DiMaio, M.D., and Vincent J. M. DiMaio, M.D.










Forensic Science: An Introduction to Scientific and Investigative Techniques, 2nd edition, edited by Stuart H. James and Jon J. Nordby










Forensic Science: The Basics, by Jay A. Siegel (CRC Press)











Forensic Uses of Digital Imaging, by John C. Russ












Forensic Taphonomy: The Postmortem Fate of Human Remains, edited by William D. Haglund and Marcella H. Sorg










Handbook for Death Scene Investigators, by Jay Dix and Mary Fran Ernst












Handbook of Forensic Services, edited by Jennifer Coleman (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2013)










Henry Lee's Crime Scene Handbook, by Henry Lee, Timothy Palmbach, and Marilyn Miller









The Human Bone Manual, by Tim D. White and Pieter A. Folkens (Elsevier Academic Press, 2005)










Human Osteology: A Laboratory and Field Manual, by William M. Bass (Missouri Archaeological Society, 2005)










Illustrated Guide to Crime Scene Investigation, by Hal Sherman and Nicholas Petraco (CRC Press)










Medicolegal Investigation of Death: Guidelines for the application of Pathology to Crime Investigation, 4th edition, edited by Werner U. Spitz, M.D.










Physical Evidence Handbook, 8th Edition, by Wisconsin Department of Justice (Wisconsin Department of Justice, 2009)











Police Photography, 5th edition, by Sam J. Sansone










Practical Bomb Scene Investigation, by James T. Thurman











Practical Crime Scene Processing and Investigation, by Ross M. Gardner











Practical Handbook for Professional Investigators, 2nd edition, by Rory J. McMahon (CRC Press)











Practical Homicide Investigation: Checklist and Field Guide, 3rd edition, by Vernon J. Geberth










Practical Homicide Investigation: Tactics, Procedures, and Forensic Techniques, 4th edition, Vernon J. Geberth











Practical Shooting Scene Investigation: The Investigation and Reconstruction of Crime Scenes Involving Gunfire, by Dean H. Garrison, Jr.











The Practical Methodology of Forensic Photography, 2nd edition, by David R. Redsicker










Scientific Protocols For Fire Investigation, by John J. Lentini











Shooting Incident Reconstruction, by Lucien C. Haag










Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation, 7th edition, by Barry A. Fisher











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