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Michigan Backcountry Search and Rescue (MiBSAR)
Contact info

Michael Neiger
Lead Investigator
Long-Range Special Operations Group (LRSOG)
Michigan Backcountry Search and Rescue (MibSAR)
Marquette, Michigan
E-mail: mneiger@hotmail.com

Important Notice:

Important Notice: While MibSAR collaborates with law enforcement agencies, search-and-rescue teams, task forces, and strike teams regarding on-going investigations and operations, MibSAR is not a traditional, paid, professional, "first-response," search-and-rescue unit.

Because the search must continue,
...so loved ones aren't left behind.
—MibSAR's credo

MibSAR is a small, civilian, all-volunteer, Long-Range Special Operations Group (LRSOG) of last resort that specializes in working on select missing-person and felony cold-case investigations, primarily ones that have been suspended by the agency of jurisdiction.

An incident requiring emergency search and rescue (SAR) should be immediately referred to the agency with jurisdiction over the area where the incident occurred—often a sheriffs department in Michigan; or the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) in Ontario, Canada—by calling 911 immediately.






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In God's wilderness
lies the hope of the world,
the great, fresh, unblighted,
unredeemed wilderness.

 — John Muir, 1838-1914
Alaska Wilderness, 1890

If you've been able to read this Web page...
thank a Teacher;
If you've been able to read this Web page in English...
thank a Veteran.
—Author unknown

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